Let's cut to the chase...
Let's cut to the chase.
If you have a business (or an idea for one) you probably want it to be successful.

And as a business coach, I want to help make that happen. 

But instead of selling you with glamorous photos or 7-figure success stories... I'm just going to tell you about the EXACT way I plan to help you. Then you can decide if it's right for you. 

No hype. No frills. Just the facts.

Sound good?
I don't want to waste your time, so let's start by seeing if we're on the same page:
  •  Are you excited by what you can offer the world, but feel STUCK by all the technical challenges of getting something online?
  •  Are you sick of trying to get customers through your door but can't get enough traction to turn your business into a full-time gig?
  •  Are you REALLY good at what you do, but feel like an imposter when it comes to being a "business owner"?
If you said "YES" to any of the above. Read on.
The online world makes it EASIER than ever to be your own boss. But without the right skills and know-how, it's just as easy to be another failed business statistic.

So... what's the number one cause of online business failure?
You don't know what you don't know.
You fix that with EDUCATION, right? But what's the BEST way to learn the skills you need? 
Let's look at your choices:
  •  It feels legit. 
  •  Looks good on a resume.
  •  Perfect if you're looking to get an "in" with a big company or cool new start-up.
  •  Average tuition for a 2-year MBA program is $60,000. The best schools cost $100,000 or more.
  •  It's a 2-year program that sucks up all your time, and is generally an unnecessary step for most small business owners.
  •  Classes are often taught by academics (instead of actual business owners) with out-of-date materials (see exhibit A):
Didn't realize MySpace was still a thing.
EXHIBIT A: From a textbook used in an MBA program, Fall Semester 2018.
  •  It "feels" like a bargain as you hoard freebies, join a dozen Facebook groups, and heed any advice that comes your way.
  •  Waste time, energy, and money as you guess, follow bad advice, and spread yourself way too thin.
  •  Lots of stress, frustration, and burn-out.... Oh yeah, most people don't see any results.
  •  GREAT for learning specific skills... as long as it's from a credible source.
  •  A lot cheaper than business school - and often more up-to-date in terms of technology and platforms.
  •  Too many "gurus" spend more time perfecting their marketing than they do creating an amazing product... and guess who loses when that happens? You.
  •  Even the best training can still make you focus on the wrong things because there's no personal feedback, support, or accountability. 
  •  The best courses can range between $1,000 - $5,000 and most people either don't finish or don't get results. This turns into a vicious (and expensive) cycle as you buy more and more programs, trying to find that "magic pill" to fix your business.
  •  1 to 1 support means getting personalized feedback.
  •  With the right coach you get accountability, a cheerleader, and an expert who can help you reach your goals faster and easier.
  •  You get someone who not only tells you WHAT to work on, but also what you can STOP doing. Hooray for balanced living!
  •  Cha-ching! Coaches can be EXPENSIVE. (Like $5k - $25k and UP expensive).
  •  Too many coaches focus on just mindset and emotional work (which is important), but without actual SKILLS & STRATEGIES that "feel good" training will only take you so far.
This is where I'd normally jump in with a big ole' sales pitch. But I'm going to give it to you straight:

Not everyone should be a business owner. 

Which means, this program MAY NOT be for you. If you don't have what it takes, I don't want your money. PERIOD.

Which means, before we jump into the details....
It's time for a quick "reality check"...
The GLAMOUR Of Entrepreneurship
  •  After turning an idea into a 6-figure business I had true financial and time freedom. This allowed my family to live in New Zealand for 18 months, just because we could!
  •  That first business reached over 20 million people. Getting emails from people who say "you've changed my life" never gets old.
  •  Limitless potential, total autonomy, and being your own boss is INCREDIBLE. 
The REALITY Of Entrepreneurship
  •  You're the one who HAS to make things happen. If you don't show up to do the work, you don't eat. 
  •  No matter what your business is (I started in the dance/fitness sphere) you WILL have days where you feel trapped at your computer.
  •  You must have the skills and focus to produce results. If you can't FOCUS long enough to read this entire page, you probably won't have the focus to make your business thrive. Just sayin'.
Now that we're clear on the reality of being your own boss, let's dive into the good stuff:
What is The Unstoppable Program?
Unstoppable gives you personalized coaching and combines it with powerful online training.
  •  You get the benefits of 1:1 coaching including personalized feedback, accountability, support, and expert advice.
  •  You also get lifetime access to my online business training library (covering all the TECHNOLOGY, MARKETING, PLANNING, and more) so you can learn the essential skills you need on your own schedule.
  •  I'm going to personally review your business and give you a customized step-by-step plan so that you're focused on the training you need WHEN you need it.
What the program looks like from the inside:
Each week there will be a different focus for the group Live Training Calls. 

We'll be working through my High-Performance Handbook to ensure you have all the essential skills EVERY business needs to survive. 

Whether you're brand new or have been running things for a while, these calls serve to keep you focused on the work that brings results while sharpening your skills as an entrepreneur.

During the six months, I'm going to make sure you are:
  •  Working from a  SOLID FOUNDATION: Is your product/service the right offer? Do you have a clear mission and vision? Do you know how to stand out from your competitors to survive in the long term? Do you fully understand your ideal customer and how you are serving them?
  •  MASTERING your marketing: Do you know how build and nurture an audience of loyal fans? Do you have copywriting skills and an ability to present an offer in a genuine way that converts? Do you have a long-term plan in place to keep growing?
  •  Setting up the right systems for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS: What can you automate? Where are you wasting time? How can you get better organized so that you're doing LESS to earn MORE? When and how do you hire employees or contractors?
But here's what REALLY sets this program apart:
This isn't just a follow-along course where you hope the information applies to you. 

This is a PROCESS designed to get you to YOUR specific goals faster. Beyond our weekly calls, you also get access to our VIP group where you get a TAILORED experience.

You have access to ME to ask ALL your questions, get feedback on your work, and stay accountable. I'm going to give you a plan based on your business, goals, and needs. 

You also have lifetime access to my entire (and always growing) online training library to fill any of your "skill gaps." I'll tell you EXACTLY what to work on and then you get to move at your pace and according to your schedule.

So... whether you are:
  •  Hoping to build an online platform: Website, membership site, online program, etc...
  •  Looking to expand your influence as an influencer, content creator, teacher, or experts...
  •  Trying to attract more customers to your already established business for higher profits and a more streamlined process...
  •  Starting from scratch and hoping to fast-track your process so you're business is making a full-time living sooner rather than later...
...Think of this program as a personalized business accelerator. I'm going to help you reach your goals faster so you can start earning those big paydays doing the work you love.
It's time to be....
  •  All of the pros of coaching AND online training (1:1 support, accountability, training, etc.) for a lower price... PLUS:
  •  As a 6-month program you get the TIME you need to get some serious traction. (Most coaching programs are 6 - 8 weeks. Most business owners need A LOT MORE time and support than that.)
  •  Access to an incredible (and small) group of eager entrepreneurs who can offer support, share insights, and brighten the sometimes lonely journey of entrepreneurship.
  •  While the value far exceeds the price tag, this program is not cheap. It's an investment that forces you to COMMIT and follow-through. 
  •  It's not a magic bullet. If you're looking for a guarantee - THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I will do everything I can to support and guide you, but you are 100% responsible for your success. (Guess what? That's true for everything in life.)
I'm like your Personal Business Yoda.
But don't take my word for it. My past and current clients have:
  •  Created their first $10k month during our first month coaching together.
  •  Filled their online workshops with eager-to-pay customers in record time.
  •  Gotten laser clarity on their mission and value proposition - attracting brand sponsorships and speaking opportunities.
  •  Booked their first high-ticket private client after just one session.
  •  Finished, and filled, a brand new signature program in less than 3 months after trying to go-it-alone for more than 2 years.
  •  Cut their work hours in HALF while watching their profits climb.
Join the waitlist!
Unstoppable is currently NOT taking any new members. Click the button to be added to the waistlist and we'll let you know when spots open up.
After going it alone for several years, Eva took the leap and got the support she needed. Hear her experience working together.
"Before working with Robin, I had so many dreams and goals for where I wanted to take my business, but I had no clear direction or sense of how to get there. It felt like I had all the pieces of the puzzle just laid out in front of me, but I had absolutely no clue how they fit together.

Robin has added so much clarity and direction to my life. I've already grown exponentially in just a few short weeks with her guidance and support. She's not only helped to hold me accountable, but she's shown me exactly what steps I need to take to achieve the results I've been looking for in my business. She's also helped me to prioritize certain tasks over others in order to see the best (& quickest!) results - because doing a lot of everything will not accomplish as much as doing one thing really well.

In just one month, Robin helped me to finalize the details of my upcoming Stronger Ever After 4-week fitness & nutrition program and create a comprehensive sales page that will not only attract clients but will attract the right clients.
To anyone who's thinking about working with her, do it! It's the best investment you can make for yourself and your business. Robin helps to make the process as enjoyable as the end result."
Let's get SPECIFIC about what you get:
The Unstoppable Coaching Program Includes:
  •  The High-Performance Playbook with 18 Downloadable Course Modules. These simple, no nonsense training materials will help you get rid of clutter and busywork so you can focus on the things that will grow your business and better serve your people. 
  •  24 Live Training Calls with Interactive Q&A. This is the meat of the program designed to give you personal advice and support. We'll work through the training materials and then leave ample time to answer your specific questions — whether it's mindset, technical, or marketing related. I promise to stay on the line until every question is answered. Calls are recorded so you can rewatch them as needed. This 6-month program means LOTS of support.
  •  2 Live Orientation Calls with Interactive Q&A to help you hit the ground running and get some focus as you dive into the modules. 
  •  Your Orientation Handbook designed to set you up for success and give you clarity as you move into the program. No matter where you are on your journey, this packet will fast track your process.
  •  Free Access To The Following Training Videos, Ebooks, & Worksheets: Effective Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing The Smart Way, Testimonials That Sell, Websites That Convert, A-Lister Challenge, Master Your Message Challenge, Doable Productivity Guide   
You'll be given the support, training, and accountability you need to have a business breakthrough.
Plus, You'll Get These Game Changing Bonuses:
  •  Exclusive VIP Facebook Group (PRICELESS) - Connect with others Unstoppable participants in this small, private group. Not only will you get to network, learn from, and connect with people, this is also another place where you can get personalized advice. Ask questions, post links to your stuff, and learn a ton as I respond to every question posted inside the VIP group. 
  •  Online Signature Program Builder ($2,000+ value) This program will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating an online signature program. From idea to creation to launch and beyond — learn how to take your skills and share them with the world for passive income and greater influence. This is the perfect companion for anyone struggling with the process and technology.
  •  Sales Page Optimization Program ($297 value) This effective and concise program will walk you the process of creating a high-converting sales page that speaks from the heart and gets your customers excited. 
  •  Facebook Ads 101 ($997 value) This 8-video training class will go over the Facebook basics and some essential tips for finding and connecting with the right customers through Facebook advertising.
I'm ALWAYS adding new training to the library. And you get access to ALL OF IT. For life.
So if you're ready to:
  •  EARN like a real professional with a running, functional platform that attracts eager customers...
  •  LIVE like a zen master who enjoys a balanced life of work and play (and who says "NO" to burnout and busywork)...
  •  ACT like a superhero who makes a difference by sharing your unique strengths with the world...
It's time to get out of the rut you're in, get serious about your business, and move like the FORCE OF NATURE you are.
Join the waitlist!
Unstoppable is currently NOT taking any new members. Click the button to be added to the waistlist and we'll let you know when spots open up.
"Before working with Robin I had no idea where to begin. I was feeling overwhelmed and lost not knowing what steps to take, what technology to use. 

Now I have a system I can use to launch any product or program and a whole set of tech tools in my toolbox. Having a plan was a HUGE help in giving me direction, putting me at ease, and helping guide me step by step through the process.
I did $7000 in sales in one week promoting the program Robin coached me to create. It was my first launch to my warm list. Now I get to work on building my list and nurturing leads to create more sales.
Working with Robin was very beneficial to my business. I love her candor, sense of humour, and when she tells it to me straight. 

I found that she is VERY responsive which is really important to me. You want to feel heard when you are working with a coach and Robin definitely fulfilled that. Very grateful!"
"I learned so much working with Robin. The coaching experience  felt so tailored to exactly what I needed to be working on. Robin was so willing to find solutions to the specific challenges I was facing in my process.
It was different than just taking a class. Robin was very keen on identifying places I could improve my effort and become more efficient in my work. 

I would have never been given such transformative feedback with a general training program.
Robin is brilliant when it comes to taking your business online! She taught me influential skill with building my website and marketing to potential clients. 

These tools were specifically directed to my process. It's not easy to figure out all the quirks and detail of online marketing, but Robin has a wealth of knowledge to provide clear action steps to follow and execute efficiently."
I've been where you are. I know how scary and terrifying this sort of BIG decision is. With the right support, I promise this will be a life changing 6-months together. 

I know the power of making a decision to ACT at the level you WANT to be at. I also know the power committing to that decision by investing financially.

You can always wait and put it off until "it's a better time." But I can tell you this: If you wait until everything is perfect, you'll be waiting forever.

Imagine the life waiting for you — less stress, more focus, and a ton of freedom and flexibility. Commit to making your vision come true.

If I'm the right help for you, I'd be honored to support you in this journey. It's time to be your own success story.

Cheering you on, ALWAYS,

When does the program begin and end?
Unstoppable begins as soon as your register. You'll get instant access to the Orientation packet, training materials, and VIP Facebook group. There will be two live Orientation calls designed to get you set-up and to help jumpstart your process. Those calls are scheduled for December 18th and January 8th (both will be recorded if you can't attend them live). You'll also be added to the VIP Facebook group where you can start asking questions and making headway on any of your goals.

Our first official training call will take place on Tuesday, January 15th 2019 and the program will end on June 25th. Throughout the program you'll be learning simple, effective, and proven methods for growing your business along with personalized feedback to help you with your specific goals and needs.

My number one goal is to help you simplify your life while attracting more customers. The best part is that you have time and support to create lasting results.
Will the training calls be recorded?
Yes! I know how busy life gets and that you might not be able to attend every live call. Each call will be recorded and put inside your VIP Membership Area where you can view or download it whenever you want.

The information in these calls will help you master every part of your business, no matter where you are in the world or what you're up to in your business. If you have questions and can't make the live calls, you can always post them in the Facebook group and get personalized feedback from me. 
Will there be a way for me to ask questions?
You bet! This is the heart of the program — personalized feedback and customized steps. Every live call will end with a Q&A session, and I stay online until every question has been asked. You can also post questions in the Facebook group (a great place for uploading or linking to anything you're working on to get my expert eyes on your materials).
I just started my business, is this program right for me?
Absolutely. For those just starting (or still early on), this program will be the perfect fit for you as we work to set up a strong foundation and move systematically through the crucial components that makes a business profitable. Even if you're still fuzzy about what your idea is, if you have a vision for creating something worthwhile, this is the place to get some serious traction.
I've been running my business for a while, is this course right for me?
Yes! I'm going to meet you where you're at with your business.

Every business needs a strong foundation. I find that even the most established businesses benefit from reviewing theses fundamentals and ensuring their vision, messaging, and orgnaization are spot on. You may fly through the initial sections, which is fine. We'll still work on your specific plan to get you to your goals. 

Whether you're developing a program, launching a product, writing a book, or putting together some killer services to sell — this program will refine, tweak, and ensure that you have everything you need to attract MORE customers for increased profits.
How is your program different from other group courses?
My super power as a coach is cutting through the clutter. I hate wasting time, don't believe in busywork, and know that getting to the heart of your vision and mission is essential to creating a successful business.

While we do cover important things like mindset, marketing, and customer acquisition, my main focus is to repattern your HABITS to be more productive and in line with your core mission. I love taking big tasks and making them seem ridiculously simple so you stay accountable, follow-through, and FINALLY get those big wins you've been waiting for.

Finally, so many group coaching programs out there don't offer the critical 1:1 support that this program features. I'm 100% invested in every person in the program and look to find what makes YOU different and focus on your specific needs.
What is your refund policy?
Because coaching is such a time-intensive service, I do not offer refunds on my coaching services. 
Join the waitlist!
Unstoppable is currently NOT taking any new members. Click the button to be added to the waistlist and we'll let you know when spots open up.
So often, when business gurus talk about growing an email list, they focus only on getting more subscribers. 
To have a profitable business, you need people who are excited by what you do. This is why two of my biggest business strategies is focused on:

1. Building an audience

2. Nurturing that audience

But you don't just want a list, you want to be an “A-Lister.”

An A-lister serves their people first and then reaps the rewards from that generous act. They are trusted. And subsequently, their raving fans are eager to support their cause, brand, and business.
The A-Lister Challenge Is Your Easy-To-Follow Roadmap For Growing Your Online Influence.
Join Me For This 5-Day Challenge
Grow Your List. Grow Your Business.
For business newbies and seasoned veterans. If you want to grow your influence and attract more customers - this challenge is for you!

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